GuardPLC Control System with Safety

Allen Bradley GuardPLCTM Controller family offers superior speed in PLC throughput and  slcpowersupplyglobe standards for functional safety. This family is ideal for sensing speed, direction, zero-speed, temperature, pressure and flow applications. These controllers communicate on a safe Ethernet communications network that is TUV-certified for use in safety applications up to EN954 Category a and SIL 3.




  • Integrates easily into a standard control system
  • Communication options include GuardPLC™ Ethernet (proprietary protocol), EtherNet/IP™, Modbus, Profibus and ASCII
  • Offers a single-wire Ethernet solution, running distributed safety I/O on GuardPLC Ethernet while communicating to standard PLCs and HMIs on EtherNet/IP
  • Offers TÜV-Certified Function Blocks, application-specific instructions that you can use in a GuardPLC controller's application program
  • Includes embedded safety inputs, outputs, and multiple communication options
  • Supports several types of on-board and distributed I/O, high-speed counters, analog inputs and outputs and dry contact safety relays


  • 1753 GuardPLC 1600 Controllers
  • 1753 GuardPLC 1800 Controllers
  • 1753 GuardPLC OPC Server Software
  • 1753 RSLogix Guard PLUS Software


GuardPLC 1600 Safety Controllers

Bulletin 1753 GuardPLC™ 1600 Controllers are among the fastest safety PLCs in the industry. They provide 10 milliseconds throughput and exceptionally high mean-time between failures, ensuring system safety and reliability. These cost-effective, packaged controllers are ideal for smaller applications and provide integrated digital I/O points.

GuardPLC 1800 Safety Controllers

Bulletin 1753 GuardPLC™ 1800 Controllers have the same features as the GuardPLC 1600 controller.These packaged controllers include analog inputs and high-speed counter inputs for specialized applications such as emergency shutdown, flame control and amusement-park ride control.

GuardPLC Safety I/O

GuardPLC™ controllers integrate with 1753 GuardPLC I/O modules.

RSLogix Guard PLUS! Software

Bulletin 1753 RSLogix™ Guard PLUS programming software helps you develop and test programs for all of your GuardPLC systems. This software is project-based, so you can store programs for multiple controllers in one project. RSLogix Guard PLUS is based on graphical function blocks and supports safety Certified Function Blocks.

GuardPLC OPC Server Software

Bulletin 1753 GuardPLC™ OPC Server software lets a Windows®-based PC read data from—and write data to—GuardPLC controllers across the GuardPLC Ethernet network.


Frequently Viewed Publications

GuardPLC Controller Systems User Manual 1753-UM001
Using RSLogix Guard PLUS! with GuardPLC Controllers Programming Manual 1753-PM001
GuardPLC Controller Systems Safety Reference Manual 1753-RM002


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