ControlLogix Motion

ControlLogix® systems offer Integrated Motion with support slcpowersupplyfor Kinetix® and PowerFlex® drives on EtherNet/IP™ networks, and for Kinetix drives on Sercos™ interface. Select from a range of EtherNet/IP and Sercos interface module options with support for as many as 128 drives per EtherNet/IP module and as many as 16 drives per Sercos module. Analog interface modules are available for drives and actuators with analog interfaces.



1756 EtherNet/IP™ Communication Interfaces

  • Support Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP via 1756-EN2T and 1756-EN3T interface modules
  • Connect to Kinetix® 350 and Kinetix 6500 EtherNet/IP servo drives and to PowerFlex® 755 AC drives

1756 Sercos™ Interface Motion Modules

  • Support as many as 16 drives via fiber-optic connections
  • Connect to Kinetix® 2000, Kinetix 6000, Kinetix 6200, Kinetix 6000M, Kinetix 7000, and Ultra™ 3000 Sercos servo drives

1756 Analog Motion Modules

  • Cost-effective option for closed-loop or open-loop motion control
  • ±10V analog output-command reference
  • Support a variety of position feedback devices
  • Control up to two axes per module


  • Sercos Interface Motion Modules: c-UL-us, CE, C-Tick
  • Analog Motion Modules: UL, CSA, CE, C-Tick


Frequently Viewed Publications

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Motion Coordinate System User Manual MOTION-UM002
ControlLogix System User Manual 1756-UM001
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