Why choose C&M Engineering

Because end-users look for more than an equipment supplier. C&M stands by its clients over the entire plant lifecycle, delivering professional services to ensure safe, stable, and efficient operations.

Packaging Industry


Fiercely competitive markets are driving your customers to offer an exhaustive breadth of products. That means packaging equipment must be flexible enough to keep up with frequent line changes and scalable enough to handle the introduction of new products.

At the same time, customers demand customization with greater speed and accuracy — and shortened lead times.

We help you meet these challenges through a single hardware & software solution & programming templates & tools.


C&M Engineering offers:

  • Secure, Remote Diagnostics for Simplified Maintenance

    Through its seamlessly integrated, information-enabled automation solutions, C&M Engineering empowers packaging machine builders to provide secure, remote access. Monitoring critical parameters and taking action before equipment fails can help keep machines running – while saving vital time and money for both machine builders and their customers.
  • Optimized Energy

    As a leading provider of industrial automation, control and information solutions, C&M Engineering can help machine builders design more energy-efficient packaging equipment. Leveraging automation systems from C&M Engineering, you can design machinery that allows your end users to be strategic managers of their energy and environmental resources. They can gain better control over how they use energy, reducing the burden of energy costs on profitability.
  • Big Impact for Any Size

    C&M Engineering control solutions are flexible and scalable enough to accommodate a wide range of capabilities and application sizes so packaging machine builders don’t pay for more than they need. In turn, they can develop machines offering the right amount of control, power and information with the freedom to make future adjustments using the same architecture.
  • Seamless Integration

    C&M Engineering provides integrated, scalable control and information solutions that address a full range application needs, including discrete, motion, drive and safety. Seamlessly interacting technologies enable packaging machine builders to quickly deliver flexible machines that respond to new market demands.

Our Services Include

These services can include:
• Troubleshooting and repair
(emergency and non emergency)
• Engineering assistance related
to conversion/migration,
system start-up
• On-the-job training
• Drive calibration
• Grounding checks
• Input voltage measurement
• Megger motor MTR readings
• Vibration analysis

Services can be performed on
the following products:
• Programmable controllers
• AC & DC drives and motors
• Motion control
• Low voltage drives
• Motor control centers
• Instruments and controlled devices
• Operator terminals
• Rotating equipment

Automation consultancy

To discuss your industrial automation, instrumentation and controls related problem, or to arrange a site-visit

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Job Openings

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Design Services

Native RTL SupportC&M Engineering will design your system to your requirements and hardware preferences. C&M''s automation experts can design, upgrade, customize and troubleshoot your system

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Docs / Support

Docs / SupportIn addition to comprehensive documentations in PDF format, you also get AUTOCAD drawings and your control software's for back-up purposes.

Consultancy services

Easy to startWe offer technology, industry expertise and business process best practices that will enable you to empower your workforce and achieve breakthrough levels of customer satisfaction, organizational effectiveness, worker productivity, and profitability.

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