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Micro800 Control Systems

Allen Bradley Micro800™ Control Systems are easy to install and maintain. slcpowersupplyOne software package applies to the entire family. These systems offer just enough control for your lower-cost, stand-alone machines. You can buy only the functionality you need, and use plug-in modules to personalize your system for specific application needs. 



  • Offers wide range of small-size controllers (10…48 points)
  • Allows personalization of controllers via plug-in modules, so you pay for only the capabilities you need
  • Provides single configuration software package that applies to PLC, HMI, and drives components
  • Includes built-in USB port on each controller
  • Works with all PowerFlex® 4-class drives (4, 40, 400, 40P, 4M)
  • Functions as ideal partner for the cost-effective PanelView™ Component graphic terminals


  • 2080 Micro810™ Controllers
  • 2080 Micro830™ Controllers
  • 2080 Micro850™ Controllers
  • 2080 Micro800 Plug-in Modules
  • 2085 Micro850 Expansion I/O Modules
  • Connected Components Workbench™ Software


  • c-UL-us CL1DIV2, CE, C-Tick, KC


Micro810 Control System

With a nano-sized footprint, the Bulletin 2080 Micro810™ Programmable Controllers function as smart relays with high-current relay outputs, but with the programming capabilities of micro-PLCs. As part of the Micro800™ family, the Micro810 controllers share common software and accessories.

Micro830 Control System

Bulletin 2080 Micro830™ Programmable Controllers are designed for stand-alone machine control applications that require flexible communications and I/O capabilities. Select from different controllers that share common software and accessories.

Micro850 Control System

Bulletin 2080 Micro850™ Programmable Controllers are designed for larger stand-alone machine control applications that require flexible communications and greater I/O capabilities. Select from different controllers that share common software and accessories.

Micro800 Plug-in Modules

With Bulletin 2080 Micro800™ Plug-in Modules, you can adapt your base unit controller to fit your application needs. Extend the functionality of embedded I/O without increasing the footprint of your controller. Increase the system capabilities through memory and clock modules.

Micro850 Expansion I/O

Bulletin 2085 Micro850™ Expansion I/O modules extend the capabilities of the Micro850 controllers by maximizing flexibility of the I/O count and type. The I/O module snaps firmly to the right side of Micro850 controller and supports both DIN rail mount and panel mount.

Connected Components Workbench Software

Connected Components Workbench™ programming and configuration software supports your Micro800™ controllers and several of the Allen-Bradley® component-class products in your small machine. This software leverages proven Rockwell Automation® and Microsoft® Visual Studio® technologies. Program your controllers, configure your devices and design your HMI screens using this software.


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