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Mitsubishi PLC Overview & Configuration

Q Series Standard and Slim-type Base Units: Q_B and Q_SB


Q Series Migration Path

Q Series Integrated System Configuration (Q00UJCPU/Q00UJCPU-S8)


Q Series Multiple CPU System Configuration


A. Q Series CPUs

B. Q Series Standard Base Units

C. Q Series Power Supply Modules

D. Q Series Extension Base Units and Cables

E. Q Series I/O and Intelligent Function Modules

• Digital I/O Modules and Terminal Blocks

• Analog I/O Modules

• Temperature Input and Control Modules

• High-Speed Input, Positioning Modules and Motion Control

• Serial Communication and Networking Modules

• e-F@ctory

F. Q Series Accessories

The MELSEC Q Series Automation Platform

Q Series PACs are multi-disciplinary automation platforms addressing the needs of both OEMs and end users. The Q Series is the original multi-CPU system, with up to 4 CPUs to divide-and-conquer larger applications. It provides scalable automation solutions to both small and very large systems, offering a broad spectrum of automation capabilities. Additional CPUs and intelligent function module expansions allow the Q series to handle sophisticated motion, process control, PC and C language based control, MES IT interfacing, and numerous types of communication and networking.

Key Features:

  • CPU types ranging from small/medium systems, to complex networked systems with tens of thousands of I/O
  • Reduced lifecycle costs via remote system management and maintenance
  • Redundant CPU capability available for hot-backup of critical systems
  • Multiple CPU capability (up to 4 CPUs) adding open ended system performance and flexibility
  • Multiple programs allowing concurrent development, code reuse, better program organization and faster troubleshooting for less downtime
  • Multiple simultaneous access to the system allowing for faster system debugging and maintenance
  • Networking & communication options distribute Q Series systems over wide areas while reducing wiring costs
  • Sequence CPUs can also address process applications by means of built-in PID capabilities
  • Extremely compact package saves panel costs
  • Certified by UL, cUL, CE (as indicated), as well as DNV, ABS, RINA, BV, LR and NK shipping approvals for all Q Series products

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