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Simatic S7-300

Introduction SIMATIC S7-300: The Modular Controller for innovative system solutions in the manufacturing industry SIMATIC S7-300 is the best-selling controller of Totally integrated Automation spectrum with a host of successful reference applications worldwide for the most varied industrial sectors.   Manufacturing Engineering Automotive industry General machine construction Special-purpose machine manufacturing Standard mechanical equipment manufacture, OEMs Plastic processing Packaging industry Food, beverages and tobacco industries Process engineering The S7-300 enables space-saving and modular configurations. In addition to the modules only a DIN rail is required for hooking in the modules and screwing them into place. If the automation task requires more than 8 modules, the central controller (CC) of the S7-300 can be expanded using expansion units (EUs) Up to 32 modules can be used in the central rack and up to 8 per expansion unit. Interface Modules (IMs) handle communication between the individual racks autonomously. In a single-tiered configuration, this results in a maximum configuration of 256 I/O, and in multi-tiered configurations up to 1024 I/O. In distributed configurations with PROFIBUS DP, 65536 I/O connections are possible. The slots are freely addressable, that is, there are no slot rules.

Module range


Signal Modules

Signal modules are the interface of SIMATIC S7-300 to the process. A host of different digital and analog modules provide exactly the inputs/outputs required for each task.

Digital and analog modules differ as regards the number of channels, voltage and current ranges, electrical isolation, diagnostics and alarm functions, etc.

Digital input   Analog input
Module Voltage range Number of channels Module Measuring range Resolution Number of channels
SM 321 24 VDC 16, 32 SM 331 Voltage Up to 16 bits 2, 8
SM 321 48-125 V DC 16 SM 331 Current
(also HART)
Up to 16 bits 2, 8
SM 321 24/48 VUC 16 SM 331 Resistance Up to 16 bits 1, 4, 8
SM 321 120/230 V DC 8, 16, 32 SM 331 Thermocouple elements Up to 16 bits 2, 8
  SM 331 Resistance The Up to 16 bits 1, 4, 8


Digital inputs/out   Analog input/output
Module Voltage range Number of channels Module Measuring range Resolution Number of channels
SM 323 24 VDC 8 or 16 DI and DO SM 334 Voltage Up to 13 bits 2, 4
SM 327 24 V DC 8 DI and 8 DX (parameterized as input or output) SM 334 Current
(also HART)
8 bits 4
  SM 334 Resistance 13 bits 4
SM 334 Resistance thermocouple 15 bits 4
SM 335 Voltage 14 bits 4
SM 335 Current 14 bits 4


Digital output   Analog output
Module Voltage range Current range Number of channels Module Measuring range Resolution Number of channels
SM 322 24 VDC 0.5A 8, 16 SM 332 Voltage Up to 16 bits 2, 4, 8
SM 322 24 V DC 2A 8 SM 332 Current
(also HART)
Up to 16 bits 2, 4, 8
SM 322 48-125 V DAC 1.5A 8  
SM 322 120/130 V AC 1A 8, 16, 32
SM 322 120/130 VAC 2A 8
SM 322 UC (relay) 0.5A-5A 8, 16




Special Functions Module & Communications Processors


Point-to-Point link via communications processors (CPs) is an extremely powerful and low cost alternative to bus-systems. The advantage of point-to-point links over bus systems is especially pronounced when only a few (RS485) devices are to be connected to the SIMATIC S7.

The CPs can also economically connect third party systems to the SIMATIC S7. Thanks to the great flexibility of the CPs different physical transmission media, speeds or even customized transmission protocols can be implemented.

The configuring data are stored in a system data block stored in the CPU. When modules are replaced, the new module is therefore immediately ready for use.

Technical data
Point-to-Point Link
 Application Low-cost entry version Powerful computer conncetion, Loadable protocols
Transmision rate Low (19200 bit/s) High (76800 bit/s)
Loadable protocols   MODBUS master (6ES7340-1AA.),
MODBUS slave (6ES7340-1AB.),
Data highway (6ES7340-1AE.)
Module CP 340 CP 341
Order No. Group: 6ES7 340-1. 341-1.
Physical transmission media
RS 232C (V.24) CP 340-1A CP 341-1A
20 mA (TTY) CP 340-1B CP 341-1B
RS 422/485 (X.27) CP 340-1C CP 341-1C
Integrated transmission protocols
Printer driver
3964 (R)
RK 512  


Function m,odulesc are intelligent modules that independently
execute the technoogical tasks and thus reduce the load on the
CPU. They are used when a high level of accuracy and dyna,ic
response is required.

Function modules
Tchnological function Channels / Axes Modue
Counting, measuring, proportioning position detection (incremental) 1 FM350-1
Counting, measuring, proportining 8 FM 350-2 3)
Cam controls 1 FM 352
High-speed dinary logic operations 1 FM 352-
PID control (continuous) 4 FM 355C
PID control (step/impulse) 4 FM 355S
Temperature control (continuous) 4 FM 355-2C
Temperature control (step/impulse) 4 FM 355-2S
Positioning (rapid travers/creep feed) 2 FM 351
Position detection (SSI) 3 FSM 338
Positioning (with stepper drives) 1 FM 353
Positioning (with servo drives) 1 FM 354
Positioning, path control, interpolation, synchronization 4 FM 357-2
Isochronous connection of drives via PROFIBUS 4 IM 174


Commnuication processors are used for connecting S7-300
to the different dus systems / communication networks as well
for point-to-point link.

Communcations processors
Bus system /communication network Module
AS-Interface (mater) 2) CP 343-2
CP343-2 P
  CP342-5 FO
(for fiber-optic conductors)
PROFINET / Industrial Ethernet 2) CP 343-1 Lean
  CP 343-1
  CP 343-1 Advanced
(with IT functionnality)
Point-to-point link CP 340 4)
CP 341 4)
TIM 3V-IE Advanced



Technical data for technology CPUs


Technollogy CPU CPU 315T-2 DP CPU 317T-2 DP
Dimensions 160 x125 x 130 160 x 125 x 130
Required front connector 1 x 40-pin 1 x 40-pin
Order No. group: 6ES7 315-6TG. 317-6TJ.
RAM 128 KB 512
Instructions 42 K 170 K
Processing times
Bit memory 0,1 µs 0,05 µs
Word operation/fixed-point operation/floating-point operations 0,2/2/3 µs 0,2/0,2/1 µs
Bit memories/timers/counters
Bit memory 4096 bytes 4096 bytes
S7 timers/S7 counters 256/256 512/512
IEC timers/IEC counters
Address areas
I/O address area 2048/2048 bytes 8192/8192 bytes
Process I/O image 128/128 byte 256/256 bytes
Digital channels (central) 256 256
Analog channels (central) 64 64
DP interface
Integrated I/O / /
DP slave
Integrated I/O
Digital inputs 4 x 24 V DC; for BERO evaluation, for example
Digital outputs 8 x 24 V DC; for high-speed cam switching functions
Integrated functions Gearbox synchronism and curve synchronism
Travel to fixed stop
Registration mark correction via measuring probe
Path-or time-dependent cam switching
Controlled positioning



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