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Because end-users look for more than an equipment supplier. C&M stands by its clients over the entire plant lifecycle, delivering professional services to ensure safe, stable, and efficient operations.
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Leveraging Factory Automation to Improve Processes and Operations


In the manufacturing world, business success depends on your ability to employ your assets in a way that delivers maximum return. But it can be a real challenge to use existing systems to increase output, improve product quality, ensure safety and comply with regulatory requirements.


C&M Engineering understands that improving the efficiency of your assets involves more than implementing new technologies. We can help you upgrade or use your existing systems and infrastructure to enhance your plant-centric processes and operations for stronger business performance. From automation controls to complete factory automation and main automation contractor services, C&M has the automation consultants, specialists and control engineers on staff to deliver.


Every project benefits from our deep experience in a variety of industries and technologies. Our proven execution methodology ensures that we implement solutions in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner, meeting or exceeding all your project goals. Our automation solutions are platform-independent, scalable and sustainable, allowing you to continue experiencing benefits as you grow. Enjoy greater efficiency, reliability and predictability on your plant floor with C&M.

C&M’s automation solutions can help you:

  • Identify suboptimized operations — Conduct studies, audits and long-term assessments to pinpoint bottlenecks and help quantify opportunities for improvement.
  • Make better decisions — Implement C&M’s industrial automation solutions to coordinate the right process controls with the most critical process information, all so you can make the best decisions for your organization.
  • Improve plant efficiency, quality and safety — Depend on C&M’s process automation solutions to streamline production, ensure quality control and minimize risk of injury in your facility.
  • Ensure success for your DCS Conversion — Get the support you need for a smooth DCS migration.
  • Boost productivity — Look to our process automation services to reduce variability, ensure system reliability and reduce maintenance downtime. Special capabilities include PID tuning, FEED engineering, construction automation, batch automation, optimizing your industrial network systems and more.
  • Deploy the right solution for your facility — Depend on C&M’s design standards and best-practices expertise to develop the right automation engineering solutions for your needs, with complete documentation.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance — Implement process validation and validated systems for ensured compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

Partner with C&M to optimize your plant-centric processes and operations.


Are you ready to improve your operations?

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Native RTL SupportC&M Engineering will design your system to your requirements and hardware preferences. C&M''s automation experts can design, upgrade, customize and troubleshoot your system

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Docs / SupportIn addition to comprehensive documentations in PDF format, you also get AUTOCAD drawings and your control software's for back-up purposes.

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