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Vacancy for Automation Project Engineer


  • BS/BE Electronics from reputable university, with demonstrated experience in industry
  • 1-2 Years of PLC programming experience Experience with ladder logic/FBD/STL and ability to create and interpret logic diagrams/codes
  • Motion/Servo programming commissioning experience
  • Experience with control integrating electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems
  • Ability to review and understand P&ID diagrams, pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams
  • Patience and tolerance to demanding environments
  • Willing to travel to remote areas for commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Only Karachi based applicants should apply
  • GIK/NED/LUMS engineers preferred


Job Description:

  • Read, program and troubleshoot PLC ladder logic or other PLC based machine codes to resolve complex problems and/or optimize machine performance
  • Full lifecycle programming of PLCs , including the development of relay/ladder Logic
  • Specific PLC I/O addressing assignments, (Example: Siemens S7-300/400/1200/1500)
  • Identify and diagnose problems with little information remotely and on location to resolving mechanical/software issues, operating system bugs and reinstalling software or hardware
  • Lead and assist in system troubleshooting and repairs.
  • Determine root cause of electrical failures and implement solutions to prevent recurrence.
  • Provide on-site and remote support for installed systems requiring technical service assistance, including support on legacy systems
  • Integrate and/or modify controls to existing processes Setup and configuration of HMI stations, (WinCC, WinCC Flexible)
  • Configure AC/DC Drives and Servos
  • Test newly installed machines and equipment to ensure fulfillment of specifications
  • Provide lead or review for new equipment implementation, control system installations and modifications
  • Select hardware, software for new projects and provide costing estimates according to customer requirements  


To apply email your resume to info<at>pakplc<dot>com


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